Diploma in HairdressingThe Fundamentals


If you want to be a professional hairstylist, having a strong interest and passionate towards hairdressing, this course is solely catered for you as a perfect preparatory for you and equipped you to have all the basic qualification as a professional hairstylist today!

This course is designed from the fundamentals theories into the advanced and intensive hands on practical with salon apprenticeship experience. All the training will conduct in small group discussion as to allow our trainer to have more focus on your learning stage.

Hair wash, Blow-dry, Cutting, Perm and Color, would be the main six elements and techniques for the whole course. Beside, the extracurricular of the course contents are also including the Salon Management, Professional Ethics and also effective Customer Service and Communication Skills.

The main objective of this course is to prepare you as a professional hairstylist who can immediately handling all the necessary job tasks in a salon and able to serve all your customers' needs about their hair.

The Diploma Course is divided into 3 stages by 32 weeks of training. (Mostly are hands on training on models)

Elementary Level(Level 1)- 8 weeks

  • - Shampoo & Blow-dry Techniques
  • - Hair Science & Biology
  • - Hair & Scalp Diagnosis and Care
  • - Basic Perm Theory & Techniques
  • - Styling & Setting Techniques
  • - Basic Precision Cutting Skills
  • - Health & Safety on Hairdressing
  • - Assisting with the reception duties
  • - Hair Care & Hair Styling Products Knowledge
  • - How to provide effective Customer Consultation

Intermediate Level(Level 2) - 8 weeks

  • - Complete all the Basic and Cutting skills + Blow-dry & Styling
  • - Theories on Face Shapes + Matching
  • - Basic Color Theory, Formulas & Application Techniques
  • - Color & Highlights Techniques
  • - Advanced & Fashion Hair Perm (Including: Rebonding & Digital Perm)
  • - Complete all the necessary Styling Techniques
  • - How to advise & consult with clients
  • - Complete Reception Duties
  • - Salon Management

Advanced Level(Level 3) - 8 weeks

  • - A Recap of all Basic Cutting & Other Techniques
  • - Transformation from Basic/Classic Cuts to Creative Fashion Cutting Skills
  • - Fashion + Creative Color + highlight Techniques
  • - Creative French Chignon Bun Up (Gala Dinner or Bridal Styling)
  • - Stage & Creative Styling (Avant-garde)
  • - How to create & prepare a total cover look for hair competition
  • - How to create & prepare a total cover look for magazine photo shooting
  • - Improve Services to a Client
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