Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM)

The Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) is a formal nationally recognised certificate issued by the Government to individuals who have shown capabilities that are required and been equipped with specific competencies to perform tasks and functions for gainful employment in selected fields.

Benefits of the Malaysian Skills Certification

yes The Skills Certification Programme is recognised by industry in Malaysia.

yes Malaysian Skills Certification Programme provides an attractive career path and personal growth opportunity for participants and is comparable to a career choice based on academic qualifications.

yes Malaysian Skills Certification Programme is able to produce skilled workers who are trained and qualified to enhance the competiveness of local industries in the global market.

Eligibility Requirements for Malaysian Skills Certification

The minimum requirements for candidates to join the Malaysian Skills Certification Accreditation Method training through a recognised Training Institute are: 

yes Ability to speak and write in both Bahasa Melayu and English.

yes Must have passed a lower SKM level before signing up for a higher SKM level in the same field.